Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Well, soccer has long since come and past, and here are some pictures to prove it. Although, shockingly and sadly, I apparently only documented the fact that Sareny played soccer, while in fact Sareny, Isaac, and Finley all played soccer this year. I didn't even realize this picture dilemma until this very moment.
Sareny's team was The Lightning, and our good friend Coach Pete was her coach. Finley played in the pre-K/K division, and she also had Coach Pete. Fittingly, her team was The Bolts and they wore purple. Isaac's team wore gray just like Sareny's and I think his team was called The Wolfs.
Sareny really has had a lot of fun playing soccer, and continues to get better each season she plays.
Her team was really terrible this year, and they didn't win a single game. Sad. But they still had a fun time.
Here she is just after her last game.
A last talk from Coach Pete, with Keeley running over to be a part of the team. She was rather difficult to contain at practices and games, and occasionally tried to run onto the field.
Coach Pete had long hair at the beginning of the season, and at the end of one practice, he let his team cut his hair for him. They must have done an okay job, because he sported the haircut they gave him for the rest of the season.
After the season, we gathered at the park for pictures, trophy's, and ice cream. Although in lieu of an actual trophy this year, they got dog tags. Not as cool in my opinion, but oh well.
As far as the other kids go, Finley turned out to be quite the soccer player, frequently scoring one or more goals in a game. In one particular game, she scored 5 goals! After her 5th, we encouraged her to pass the ball to other players on her team. This was all particularly shocking considering how she played last year...if she agreed to go out on the field at all, she was usually just chatting with her friend Sydney, oblivious to the game going on around her. This year--she was a force to be reckoned with! Yay Finley!

Isaac also did well in soccer. I missed the game where he scored 2 goals, since I was home recovering, but it sounded really exciting. He was always quick to point out that he only scored his second goal because his friend David made a really great pass to him. I let his parent's know that Isaac recognized and appreciated the assist.

It is always kind of bittersweet to come to the end of soccer season. The kids love playing, and I love watching them, I usually enjoy chatting with other parents at practice, and depending on the practice location, the non-practicing kids usually get to play at the park with friends. On the other hand, we were so very busy. Somebody had practice Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and then our Saturday mornings were spent at games. So I think this year, it was less of the bitter and more of the sweet at the end of it all. :)

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