Monday, January 20, 2014

All Hallow's Eve

I believe this is the first year in the history of the Fallstrom family that I did not make the kid's Halloween costumes. (Of course, there was the year Grandma Nancy was here and did most of the costume making, but still...) These costumes were 100% not made by me or anyone I know. Probably somebody in China worked hard over them. Despite the non-homemade-ness of their costumes, I still think the kids look darn cute!
Finley and Keeley's costumes came from Costco. Such adorable little princesses!
Love that silly scrunched face!
Isaac's costume was borrowed from a neighbor. He didn't love this costume, probably because he doesn't have a clue who Zorro is. He still looks adorable though!
I think this costume actually shows off his beautiful blue eyes!
I think the stores have a deplorable lack of cute boy costumes, and we just didn't see anything in the store worth getting, so we had a masked avenger.
Like the other girls, Sareny was also a princess. My friend Aubrey purchased this adorable costume years ago before she even had a daughter of her own. Her daughter, who is 4, refuses to wear anything girly, so Aubrey was going to sell this online. I offered to buy it from her, and she kindly gave it to us! It is so gorgeous, and so is the girl wearing it. :)
The girls love Halloween because it is one of the few times in the year when they are allowed to wear makeup.
Another picture of princess Finley. Who doesn't like you to call her princess Finley.
All the kids. Sareny had to hold Keeley or she would run away.
As evidenced by this photo, where she is indeed trying to get down and run away. But I loved the sweet little pose Finley was doing!
Then somehow we convinced Keeley not to run away.
My sweet, adorable children!
I made up another tray of strawberry ghosts and eyeballs on forks for a party we were going to at our friends the Wray's. We had a fun evening with friends eating, chatting, and trick-or-treating together.

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Jolynn said...

I'm glad you didn't stress yourself out and try to make Halloween costumes this year, since you were still recovering. Their store bought ones are really cute and aren't hideous like some I've seen. They all look pretty cute in them. Even though Isaac wasn't too happy about being Zorro! Did you explain to him how cool Zorro was? (in the movies anyway!)