Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wish us luck!

We're still here waiting for the hospital to call to induce labor, but I think I am actually starting labor on my own right now. So, we're about to head off to the Scottsdale Shea hospital to bring our new baby girl into the world. I knew I would start labor on a Tuesday, since I did with both my previous children. So much for being induced! We'll have pictures soon and hopefully a name as well!


Sarah & Eddie said...

Oh Wow, how exciting!!! And it'd be so nice not to have to get a pit drip--uggg those suck!!! I can't wait for the great news from you.

lexi said...

yay!!! im so excited for you guys. good luck at the hospital.


I saw your parents at the pool and they said that the hospital still hadn't called!! I thought... Poor Hillari :( Hope that everything goes well! I will be think of you today!