Friday, September 20, 2013

At the Drive In

We love going to the drive in! We seem to go every couple of months--whenever there is a good family movie playing. Generally, it is definitely cheaper and in some ways easier to take four kids to the drive in. For instance, I would NOT want to take Keeley to a regular theater right now--she is way too wiggly and wouldn't sit still or be quiet, and those things, while frowned upon at the regular theater, don't present too much of a problem at the drive in. Although on this particular night, as you can see from the above photo, she was not happy and made sure everyone knew about it. She was upset for most of the first movie. It does take a little more work to get everythig ready to go to the drive in--you need blankets, pillows, camp chairs, your own popcorn, and a cooler with drink. So in that regard--not easier at all.
 Lexi and Scott came along and we all had fun together.
 Too bad this is such a blurry picture.
We brought Finley's round pink chair for her to sit in. This used to be Lexi's chair, but when she got married she left it in the sunshine room for Finley, who was moving in.
Daddy had to hold Keeley a lot. I also have to point out that this outing took place in July. In Phoenix. And I am not the one who dressed Keeley in those fuzzy fleece pajamas. I am, however, the one who took those fuzzy fleece pajamas off of Keeley during the first movie because it was over 100 degrees.
Anyway, we had a great time!

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