Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Disneyland--the play

The kids put on a play about a family that goes to Disneyland. It was so cute and creative, and they put a lot of work into their pictures. Sareny drew the kids--Finley, Isaac, and Sareny (although Finley colored her girl herself.)
 This was the family's house on the outside and the inside, both drawn by Sareny. I like the tables and chairs and the colorful rug.
Then they got to Disneyland. Here is the castle and the flower gardens out front, drawn by Sareny.
The family met some Disneyland characters--left to right Buzz Lightyear (Isaac), Minnie Mouse (Finley), Cinderella (Sareny), and Donald Duck (Isaac).
 Finley drew this girl, and I think it was supposed to be Daisy Duck.
 Finley drew people on her favorite ride--the Merry-go-round. Yes, at Disneyland it is actually a Carousel meaning that all the animals on the ride are horses, but she has always called it the merry-go-round, so we are sticking with that.
 Isaac drew the family on California Screamin'.
 Finley drew the Silly Symphony Swings.
And while I love all the pictures in the collection, this following one has to be my favorite--people standing in line. I just love the look on that guy who is the last one in line. Yeah, you're in for a long wait, buddy.
Especially if they were in line for the submarines. That line is always bad! Sareny drew this picture.
I loved their play and thought it was so adorable! They worked so hard on it drawing all the different rides and sceneries. It was awesome! There were quite a few other pictures in the play, but I just showcased my favorites.

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cassidy said...

That is SO cute! I love all of the details in the pictures! How fun and creative of your kids. It makes me want to draw some Disneyland pictures myself!