Monday, September 30, 2013

In My Grandmother's Old Fashioned Garden

After leaving Grammy Jo and Bampa's house, we drove up and stopped in Scipio to visit Grandma and Grandpa Quarnberg. Unfortunately, when we got there, they were not home, so we looked around their garden for a while and took some cute pictures of the kids. I love the rock in the above picture--when I was little it was always the spot for a cute cousins picture.
Keeley had fun exploring around after sitting in the van for most of the day.
Grandma always has lots of pretty flowers growing in her garden. Behind the kids is grandpa's work truck and haystack.
 Cute little sissies!
Finley and Isaac sitting on the rock. I believe my grandpa gave this rock to my grandma for an anniversary present many years ago.
 Finley climbing the rock, with grandma's house in the background. I love their little covered porch--it is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the day.
My silly IJ Isaac!

Finley girl in front of the large tree in their front yard.
 Sareny by the same tree.
Finley found a dandylion, made a wish, and blew on it.
 And then she did it one more time.
 The other kids thought that looked like fun, so they each grabbed a dandylion too.
 Wish I knew what they wished for.
 And a parting shot of IJ on the rock.
Even though my grandparents weren't home, we still had a nice time in their garden.

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Jolynn said...

That rock is awesome. Grandpa put that rock there long before it was cool to have a big rock in your yard. And I think every grandkid has had their picture taken sitting on it many times.