Monday, September 16, 2013

Finley's Fifth Birthday Party

 Finley had a great birthday party this year. She wanted a castle birthday cake with princesses and ponies. I baked the cake, made frosting, and was ready for a late night of decorating...and then I got sick quite suddenly. I really wanted to make her cake, but I couldn't even get off the couch. I knew Finley would be disappointed, but fortunately, there is more than one cake decorator in this house! Keith was a super good dad and stayed up late decorating the cake for her, and it turned out really cute!
We made this same cake for Sareny's birthday when she turned six, so I guess we better be prepared to make it one more time for Keeley in a few years. I thought it looked really cute with all the ponies and princesses.
 Sareny once again made the pinata, and I like how she made the stripes verticle. Very cute!
Finley had a few friends over, and we headed outside for the pinata.
 First the birthday girl gets a few swings. Next up was Sydney.
 Then Kately.
 Then Alora took a few swings.
Here is IJ.
As the oldest, Sareny went last. I don't remember who actually broke the pinata this time--it might have been Sareny.
We went back inside for presents. She got some really cute things.
The highlight of a kid's year!

 Then we had cake.
My little five year girl by her cake.
 She's so cute! Love that dimple.
 Then she made a wish and blew out the candles.

 After that, we headed to the Children's Museum for some fun. Sareny was originally not going to come with us, but a couple of Finley's friends weren't able to make it, so she got to come along.
We started off with the climber.
A couple of moms, including Bridgette, came along. Bridgette got right up in there and climbed around with them.
 The girls played around with the whoosh machine.
 And then we went upstairs. Is this not the cutest picture ever?!
 The girls painted on the rocket.
And did a crat with stamps.
They also made monster pictures.
Here is Finley's monster. Have I mentioned how much I love that arts and crafts room?!
We rode around on the trikes.
 We explored in the noodle forest and played at the light table.
The girls shopped at the grocery store.
 And they made pretend food in the kitchen.
 They made lots of delicious food for us to enjoy.
We stayed and played and had lots of fun.
Some people didn't even want to go home.
And then Finley fell on a ladder and got hurt, poor little girl. We got her some ice and she rested for a while, and then she was back up playing again. Kately was so sweet and brought her some flowers from a nearby garden.
Anyway, other than the accident, it was such a fun day and Finley really had a great time at her birthday party.

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Jolynn said...

What a fun party. Keith out did himself on the cake. How fortunate for you that he can do stuff like that! And again, Sareny did quite a fab job on the pinata. Maybe she should come and make the Christmas one for me!! Finley is a cute and sweet little five year old!