Monday, September 9, 2013

Looking Sharp!

Keeley decided she liked shoes. In early July, she started trying on other people's shoes and tromping around in them.
So cute! Cousin Rhys is visible in the above photo, and he had to leave later this same day.
 A closeup of her cute little toes.
She was very determined to wear them.
A little later, she got hold of a sharpie marker and colored all over her face with it.
 Such a silly little face!
She really was quite pleased with herself. Even when we held her in front of the bathroom mirror, she just grinned and didn't seem to notice anything amiss.
That sweet little face. But oh so mischevious. Anytime she gets a marker of any kind in her little hands, she immediately goes to color all over her face with it.
 Love that girl!
We went swimming right after this occurred, and poor Keeley had to go out in public like this. I thought maybe it would teach her a lesson, but while at the pool we made the discovery of the century that the stick sunscreen will actually remove permament marker from skin. So she didn't have to be embarrassed after all.

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Lexi said...

Love that KeeKee girl. It is so cute when she tries on everyones shoes. And I keep laughing about her coloring on her face!