Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bampa's Birthday

When we asked the kids what they wanted to do for summer vacation, they really wanted to take a trip like we did last summer up to Utah to visit grandparents and cousins. We stopped at Grammy and Bampa's on Bampa's birthday, so we headed to Mesquite to party it up.
Keeley was a little reluctant with Grammy, but for some reason, didn't hesitate with Bampa, as evidenced by the photos above and below.
We went to dinner at a fun Japanese restaurant where they prepare your food at your table. We took a group shot on this bridge. 
Cute kids on the bridge.
Here is half of our table. Finley was extremely scared of the flames the chefs occasionally make shoot up, and she wouldn't come and sit down at our table. Even though the chef wasn't even there yet.
Then all the kids decided they were scared of the flames, and covered their ears to protect themselves...
 It was a pretty fun experience watching the chef make the food.
And the food was super good. Of course, Keith wouldn't know that, because Keeley behaved so very badly, he had to leave the restaurant with her several times. You can see she looks a little grouchy in the photo below. But she just wanted to scream and scream, even if someone was holding her and standing up with her. There was absolutely nothing that would make her happy.
 Finally, after his food had gotten cold, Ketih was able to come in and eat and KeeKee sat on my lap.
 Despite her misbehavior, it was really a fun place. I'd like to go back...without Keeley.
Grammy Jo made some delicious cupcakes--Reese's and red velvet.
We sang to Bampa, and he blew out the candes.
We all had a great time!

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Jolynn said...

That was a super fun birthday. But if we ever go back to Samuri 21, be sure to have the fillet. I'm surprised the kids were so worried about the fire business. I thought they would love it. It would have helped if the chef would have been a little more charismatic. We'll go again another time and maybe it will be better.