Thursday, September 12, 2013

Swimming Fun

The same day as the marker incident, as I mentioned before, we went swimming at Starpoint. Lexi and Scott came along, and we had tons of fun. It is always a lot more fun when you have other adults to talk to and help out with the kids. Keeley discovered the slides, and it was all over from there.
She wanted to go down the slides all day long! And you can see from her face below that the permanent marker was totally gone! That sunscreen worked like a charm.
Someone has to be at the top of the slide to help her go down, and then an adult has to be at the bottom to catch her. This is what she looks like at the bottom!
 But as soon as she is out, she takes off to go again.
Here is Lexi going down the slide.
 And IJ going down.
 And climbing out.
 And here he probably got in trouble by the lifeguard for not climbing out quickly enough...
 Sareny is a nice sister and will help Keeley  go up the rope and down the slide.
Cute little Finney Lynn.
 I think  you can tell that we spent a quite a while helping KeeKee's go down the slide.
 Sareny and Scott.
 Cute Isaac.
 Sareny went down the slide.
It was a fun day. Eventually we had to drag Keeley away from the slides. :) When I go to the pool, I prefer be in water deep enough to hide by body, so standing at the bottom of the slide to catch Keeley for all the world to see is not my favorite. But that girl is, so stand there I did.

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