Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Disney on Ice

After our fun pranks on April 1st, we loaded up into the family van and drove downtown to the US Airways Center.
We bought tickets a few months ago to see the Disney on Ice show. I had gotten a flier in the mail that had tickets half-off for Thursday's show, so it made it pretty affordable. The following picture would be cute if Sareny hadn't closed her eyes, and if Finley wasn't giving the camera the dirtiest look imaginable.
The show was a lot of fun and featured some familiar faces.

My favorite part was when the princesses came out with their princes. It was so magical and romantical!
The show was really cool and 2 out of 3 children gave it a thumbs up. Finley was getting really tired by the end of the show and started trying to do her leg-kick thing down on the floor by our feet. I would have just let her, but she was also screaming her head off, so Keith ended up taking her out during the second to last song. The ending was awesome, with fireworks coming out of the castle. You can kind of see in the pictures, that behind the castle is the staging areas, and the characters come out through the castle doors. From start to finish, it was pure magic!


Tanya said...

Despite my love for Disney, I would rather have bamboo shoots shoved under my fingernails than see Disney on Ice. It sounds like you all had fun tho, so maybe it's not so bad. You are a good mommy!

lexi said...

that looks like so much! i bet the kids liked it. and you look super cute too!

Jolynn said...

That is a cute pic of you and Isaac! But Sareny with her eyes completely closed, and Fin with that look! My word, if looks could kill!!!! I have fond memories of us going to Disney on Ice, so I'm sure it was lots of fun and I'm glad you could go.

cassidy said...

That looks so cute! I loved Disney on Ice when I was younger. I think I saw Beauty and the Beast on Ice too. You and Keith are so nice to take your kids to fun stuff! And that castle is pretty cool - I bet it was a fun show.