Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

So, here it is Easter Sunday, and I am posting about St. Patrick's Day. Can't be helped. Every year for St. Paddy's, we have a traditional dinner of corned beef and cabbage. This year we also had some tasty green lemonade.
We were introduced to this meal a few years ago by some friends, and we LOVE it! The kids absolutely love the corned beef--not so much the potatoes and cabbage. I love all of it. And, confession, I ate half a head of cabbage all by myself. I kind of think it is the best part of the meal!
We all wore green shirts, although I did get pinched a few times in the morning before I got dressed. When we went to Walmart, people pointed out our green group to their kids. I was a little bit surprised how many people apparently enjoy getting pinched.


Tanya said...

I am curious about that delicious looking bread. What is it? If you love cabbage, I have another recipe idea: Boil it like usual but serve it with lemon juice sprinkled with feta cheese. YUMMY! My poor Megan has a bad mommy and she doesn't own anything green so she got pinched a lot at school. It was sad!

cassidy said...

Yeah I'm curious about the bread looks very yum. I had fun doing corned beef and cabbage this year. And the cabbage was totally yum, so I don't blame you for eating lots. Cute picture of the kids!

Jolynn said...

What fun! A very nice tradition. I'm sad we weren't able to do it this year. :(

lexi said...

that looks delicious. i like that all of you wore green. you are so festive. so my roommate decided to make corned beef and cabbage because i havent ever had it before, and she forgot to put the cabbage in. so i didnt even get to taste how delicious the cabbage is.

Vicki said...

YUM! We like that meal too, although once a year is plenty for me!

P.S. you better come to the reunion (I saw what you said on Tanya's blog)