Friday, April 16, 2010


Yesterday was a super exciting day for Sareny. Her poem was selected as the winner for Kindergarten in the Alhambra School District! Last night, the poets were invited to the board meeting to recite their winning poem. She had memorized her poem, and was so excited and nervous! They had the kids sit with their teachers, who also helped them at the podium. Mrs. Jones brought Sareny a rose and a balloon,which was so sweet!

Her big moment!

Here is Sareny's poem:
Happy face
Playing, helping, laughing
Say cheese and

She did great!

Afterwards, we took a picture with Mrs. Jones and Dr. Lopeman, Sareny's principal. I loved how they really made it special for Sareny, and took time away from their families to be there for her.

And a picture with the proud mommy and daddy!
Way to go Sareny! And thank you to Erika for watching my other kids--it would have been miserable with them there!


cassidy said...

Congratulations, Sareny! She is so smart and creative. She looks very cute for her special night. Yay Sareny!

Krystal said...

Sareny was so funny this morning. She told me about the BBBBOOOOORRRRRRRING meeting she HAAAAAAD to go to yesterday and that it was too boring for Isaac and Finley they wouldnt have sitted still so they couldnt go. She recited her poem for us then told us about the balloon and flowers and hanging the flower upside down and getting her picture taken with Ms. Jones. She was so funny!

Jolynn said...

Congratulations Sareny!! That is really a wonderful poem. I'm going to print it and keep it in my office. Then when I look at it every day it will remind me to be happy and smile! (and it will remind me of my cutie patootie granddaughter!) Way to go!

lexi said...

yay sareny! i love her poem, better than something i would write. i also love how sareny is always wearing her boots.

Myrna Foster said...

What a great little poem! Congratulations!