Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Eggs

We colored Easter eggs the Friday evening before Easter. I had boiled 3 and a half dozen eggs, and Keith thought I must have been doing eggs for an entire army or something, but I knew we needed that many! (I just have to point out that every single egg did end up getting eaten, so there! Boo-yeah!)

The kids showing off their faves.

Don't you just love Finney's mouth-wide-open grin? That's how she's started smiling lately, and I could just eat her up I love her so!

And here is the whole collection! It's kind of a tradition in my family that my dad makes a brown egg each year. I told Keith he needed to make a brown one, but he declined. Fortunately, Isaac stepped up and made a brown one, which he later picked out as his favorite. Quite surprising, since he absolutely loves blue.

So I was thinking the other day how sometimes our blog makes our life look more spectacular than it really is. Take this post for example. A lovely family having a great time coloring eggs. Well, here is the rest of the story.
Finley quickly got the hang of egg decorating, and started lunging and grabbing every egg within her reach, and plopping it into the nearest cup of dye, whether it had an egg in it or not. She was going through eggs way too fast, and clambering up on the table in her haste to get more eggs, which, of course, is not a good idea with 12 cups of egg dye just waiting to get knocked over. Keith told her she needed to wait for the eggs she put in cups to finish before she got another one, and she threw a royal temper tantrum. She had to be removed from the party for a while.
I had an entire cup of blue dye dumped into my lap. I was a little angry, and I think I could have probably been a little nicer. It's kind of hard to think of things like that, however, when you're on your hands and knees scrubbing blue dye out of the tile, grout, and off the tables and chairs, while your favorite pair of jeans is soaking in the sink, your youngest daughter is still carrying on with her tantrum, and your oldest daughter who just drenched you in dye seems more concerned with her egg than the mess and possibly ruined pants...You get the idea.
So while our life is far from perfect, I love these little kiddos. I'm so glad we get to spend so much time together, even if part of it does involve prying tightly clenched little fingers from my hair, or buckling a screaming child into a carseat while she is kicking and screaming bloody murder, or driving children to and fro all day long, or deciphering incoherent cries, or any number of mundane, and seemingly trivial tasks. A lot of those moments don't make it onto my blog, but in a strange way, I enjoy those moments too.


Christina Overton said...

Sounds like you had a great Easter even with all the craziness and drama. Life with kids is always an adventure, isn't it??!! I know what you mean about enjoying all the crazy moments as well as the good ones. They sometimes seem overwhelming and nerve wracking at the time, but when I look back on those moments they make me smile and seem to make life seem fuller and richer somehow.

Mandy said...

Sorry but i loved your "real life" because i had quite the "die" party too!! i stepped out of the room assuming my kids would be fine but oh no they decide to mix all the colors and die their hands and then proceeded to have a water fight and i walked in to a disaster!!! I would love it if life really was picture perfect but after i blew up at my kids they did an amazing job of making up for it!! so in the end you are absolutely right they are so worth it!!!!

Jolynn said...

Those moments are all part of the deal, and you know I've told you tons of times, "someday you'll miss all of it!" so I'm gald you sort of enjoy those moments too. Dyeing eggs was always one of my favorite traditions, so I'm glad you do it. It looks like it was still a fun night. Poor old Finney trying to be a grabby guts!

cassidy said...

Cute eggs! It does sound like a bit of a fiasco, though. And I can't believe that 3.5 dozen boiled eggs got gobbled up! It looks fun, despite the tantrum and spilled dye.

lexi said...

you made a lot of eggs. but it looks like lots of fun. im glad isaac made a brown egg to keep up the tradition. those kids are so cute in those pictures.