Monday, April 12, 2010

Fakin' and Eggs

We decided to try and make April Fool's day fun around our house, so on Thursday morning, our kids woke up to a delicious breakfast.

Isaac got brave and tried his egg and said, "Mmm, it's good."
Sareny didn't dare try any of it.
The eggs were made out of white and yellow chocolate, and the "fakin'" was made from caramel and tootsie rolls. Isaac ate most of his egg before I was able to switch out the plates with the real breakfast. I thought they looked pretty hilarious, and Keith took a plate to work that he set on his desk all day.
Sareny also took an apple to school for her teacher with a gummy worm in it. I made one for Isaac and Finley too.
After dinner, Keith and I had simultaneous sneezing attacks with a couple cans of green silly string. We had a fun, silly day.


Jolynn said...

That looks so cool! How clever are you guys. I love the faken and eggs. They look pretty realistic. I'm not surprised that Isaac was brave enough to take a bite! Another fun tradition at the Fallstrom house. Too bad you don't have a dog and you could have done the doggy doo doo one!

lexi said...

that turned out so awesome! it totally looks real. i like that isaac was brave enough to try it and that he liked it.

cassidy said...

I know, of course Isaac would try it and eat it all up! He's so cute. I love that fic of Fin...she looks amused. Hey how come your furniture isn't in your living room in the picture of Sareny? I'm curious. Also the apple and worm is such a cute idea.

Myrna Foster said...

Wow. I'm borrowing ideas for next year! You are so creative. I thought the eggs and bacon were plastic food, and I've never heard of yellow chocolate. Is it white chocolate with yellow food coloring?

Tanya said...

I don't know how you find the energy and the time to be so fun! I've seen this in a magazine and thought it would be so fun! The apple and worm was a cute idea as well.