Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pi Day

We celebrated 3-14, or pi day, by eating pie. Saturday night, Isaac and Sareny made special pies that they know how to make all by themselves. Grandma Nancy taught Sareny how to make one a few years ago, and they love doing it all by themselves!
First you add a thing of cool whip.

Then add three yogurts.

Stir it up.

Then pour it into a graham cracker crust and freeze it overnight.


This makes a really refreshing, creamy pie that is not too bad for you, as far as pies go. We had our friends the Drapers over the next day to celebrate pi together.


Lexi said...

that pie sounds really good. i like that the kids can make it themselves because its so easy. i didnt even celebrate pi day this year.

shauntel said...

I miss living close and celebrating things with you. Or just coming over to hang out. Or meeting at the store. I like where I live now. But I sure miss my friends there.

cassidy said...

We didn't celebrate pi day, but for sure I will next year. What a fun idea. And that pie sounds pretty cool. You could make a zillion different kinds! I think I'll try it soon. Maybe with my go-to yogurt flavor, key lime pie!

Jolynn said...

Another fun tradition! How come I have never heard of pi day? I had forgotten about those yummy pies, so I'm glad you blogged about it. They are so yummy and healthy.