Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm a big kid now!

Isaac turned four years old on Monday, and we had a special birthday party for him on Saturday. He wanted a Goonies party, of all things. By allowing this theme to rule the day, I was basically letting all my friends know that I'm a bad mom and let my kids watch Goonies, which, let's face it, has more cuss words than you'd hear from a drunken sailor. Oh well. Self-sacrificing mom that I am, I let my good reputation go to the wind and planned a Goonies shindig for my boy.

The kids had several tasks to complete, including throwing pirate coins into the wishing well and walking the plank.

They also had to play the bones, shoot cannons, and do the truffle shuffle. (They played notes in the correct order on Finley's little piano, shot some nerf guns at targets, and did the hamster dance.) Then they found the pirate booty. Each kid got a marble bag that held: marbles, Baby Ruth's, a ring pop, Rollo's, and Nuggets. They turned out pretty good, and I think the kids had a good time, even if they totally missed any and all Goonies references. If they would have gotten it, I would have served Rocky Road ice cream, but instead we just let Isaac pick out his favorite flavor.

On Monday, Isaac's actual birthday, we had Panda Express and took Finley to a babysitters while the rest of us went to see Toy Story 3. It was really good, and we had a nice time. I was glad not to have Finley with us, since I actually wanted to enjoy the movie.
I forgot to take Isaac's picture on his birthday, so I did a little photo shoot today. Here are some of my favorites.
Here he did his glamor shots pose.
Silly pose.
The requisite scary hands/taco tongue pose.
I actually got him to do a more natural smile.
silly face
And this is what happens when a little boy is done with a photo shoot.
This is the last one that I took and my favorite one of the whole bunch. It pays to be persistant.
Happy birthday to my handsome, silly, lovable little boy.


Jolynn said...

Well poop. I guess we are in the dog house because we didn't call and sing happy birthday to him. I'm hoping he didn't notice. His party looks like it was super fun. You always throw great parties for the kiddos. That last picture is supe cute. (They all are, but I like that one best too.

lexi said...

isaac's party looks fun. i think its funny he wanted a goonies party. he is such a cute little guy. and i cant believe he is 4. he is getting so big.

cassidy said...

Well I can't believe you let your kids watch Goonies, but it does sound like a fun party! I think all the games sound really fun - it's too bad the kids probably didn't get the Goonies theme. Cute little Isaac. I like the last picture.

holli jo said...

It sounds like a really fun party. Wish we could have been there! Your buki is so cute and silly. Can't wait to see him again.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious, my kids love Goonies too, I personally think its great entertainment, who cares if others don't think so :) Cute idea for a party. Your kids are getting so big, they are adorable.
Jewlee (Brandon's sister)

debra g said...

A few years ago I checked out Goonies from the llbrary thinking my kids would love it. I loved it as a kid and watched it all the time. About 20 minutes into it my girls said that we needed to turn it off because it was not appropriate. Dang kids! I was secretly miffed because I was really excited to watch it again. We had a similar experience watching "Better Off Dead". What was it with those 80's movies? It looks like a super fun party, though. Good job!