Monday, June 14, 2010

Tempe Town Lakes

Sareny's last day of kindergarten was a half day, so we headed out to Tempe Town Lakes splash park immediately afterwards for some summer fun.
I think the best thing about this splash park is the slide.

This was Finley's second time at a splash park, and she really got into it this time. (The first time she sat on my lap and refused to get wet.)
I spent most of my time there trying to keep up with her!
I walked up and saw Isaac pulling his shorts out so the water could go in. It was kind of funny, but I told him to stop.
Cute friends.
This splashpark has little rivers, which is great fun for the little ones.
We met our friends the Avila's there, and had a lot of fun with them.
What a surprise--Isaac liked the "shooter guns."
All in all, it was a very fun day. I was a little surprised when a news crew from NBC started setting up, and I asked them what they were filming about. Apparently it was the first day Phoenix got over 100 degrees this year, and they were doing a story on how people stay cool here. I called the kids over and she filmed them having fun in the water. Then she asked if she could interview me, which I didn't really think sounded so cool, but I agreed. Fortunately, Krystal was on hand to take some pictures!
Finley realized someone was talking to her mommy. How dare they??
I did the last part of the interview holding her.
So we made it onto the evening news, even if it was only a 5 second blurb. Pretty cool, nonetheless.


cassidy said...

That's so fun that you were on the news! You are so unlike me - I never would have asked the news crew what they were up to and then I would have sat and wondered if I missed my one shot at being on the news. You're brave. That splash park looks super fun...what a great way to start off summer!

Jolynn said...

Yeah, you are pretty brave Hill! And so, are you famous now???? How fun for you and the kids. I always liked to do something special and fun the last day of school. That park could be a new family tradition!

lexi said...

how cool that you were on the news! but that picture of fin getting mad about your interview, its kind of funny. the splash park look fun. i like sareny's swim suit too. and i cant believe you caught isaac pulling his shorts out... so funny. also i think that picture of fin and isaac is super cute.

Myrna Foster said...

Wow. That's an awesome splash park! Thanks for sharing pictures.

And that's cool that you were on the news.

holli jo said...

I laughed that you ran over to get on the news! I would never do that, either, but I'm glad you did. Looks like everybody had fun!