Monday, June 21, 2010

Swimming Lessons

The kids are two weeks into swimming lessons for the summer, and it is going great!

Finley is in the parent/child class with me, and she loves it. Mostly she loves to climb on the stairs and play in the gutter as opposed to doing the skills the lifeguard is trying to teach, but at least she is having fun.

She got brave and put her face in the water. Usually when the lifeguard comes over to check her skills and asks her to try something Finley gets a very grouchy look on her face and says, "uh-uh. Mommy!"

Isaac was in a level one class for the first session, and today he just started in level two.

His level one class made the kids sit on the edge of the pool while they wait for their turn. Not very fun, in my opinion, but he seemed to enjoy it and did great, although I think he had a lot more fun in the level two class today.

 Sareny is in level three, where she is doing great. She loves learning how to dive and has even swam the whole length of the pool. She's a bit smaller than most of the kids in the class.

Ready to practice some new kicks and breathing techniques with a kickboard held out in front of her.
I'm so glad they are all enjoying swimming lessons this summer and doing so well.


lexi said...

im glad the kids are enjoying their swimming lessons. i remember last year isaac did not like them and had to be bribed by grammy and bampa. sareny is quite the little swimmer though!

shauntel said...

i like sareny's swimsuit. it's really cute.

Andrew, Amy, Evelyn& Owen said...

Swim lessons look so fun! Maybe Elly is old enough? I love Sareny's drawing below too...what an artist! We went to Build a Bear last week and Elly picked out a bright pink FLAMINGO! haha...there's a pic on my blog.
Hope you're doing well!

Jolynn said...

Quite a change from last year, I must say, with Isaac actually enjoying his lessons! I'm glad they are all having fun this year. It was so hard to watch Isaac a boobin.