Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Kindergarten Graduate

The last day of kindergarten rolled around much quicker than I would have liked, and before I knew it, my baby girl was lining up for her last day of kindergarten.
We took some pictures with her friends before the bell rang. Signing yearbooks with Emma and Mattie.
Lined up with Debbie, Isaiah, Sareny, Sam, Cameron, Jayden, Amika, and Lillian.
Another group shot with Lisa, Sareny, Amika, Samir, Debbie, Isaiah, and Jaiden.
The kids were so cute at the front of the room in their little caps. Cameron, Lillian, Lisa, Isaiah, Amika, Debbie, Jayne, and Brian.
Jenna, Isaac, Olivia, Miranda, Jaiden, Sal, Cameron, Lillian, Sareny, Lisa.
Samir, Rocky, Mattie, Jayden, Adam, Emma, Austin, and Sam.
The class poetry winners got to come up front and read their poems.
Then they received their diplomas, and two special frog books as a special gift from Mrs. Jones, who had her class decorated in frogs all year. Mr. Jones was on hand to help out.
One last hug from the best kindergarten teacher ever!
And a final shot of Sareny with her good friends Miranda and Emma.
Then school was out for summer!


Jolynn said...

Wow. I just can't believeour little Sareny is graduating from Kinder already.She looks so adorable in the pics! I sure wish Bampa and I could have been there.

cassidy said...

Super cute! Sareny looks so pretty on her last day of kindergarten! I can't believe that next year she is a first grader...

lexi said...

congrats to sareny for graduating! she look so cute with all of her friends. i cant believe she is a first grader either.

holli jo said...

I can't believe she's so old! Where is our little Sare who used to be our falsetto child and say, "I fweetie."? It's crazy. But she looks very pretty on her last day of school.

Also, yearbooks?!! I didn't get a yearbook until junior high. What's up with a kindergarten yearbook?

debra g said...

So fun! And another super cute dress! Congrats, Sareny!