Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Finney Girl

The other day Finney started doing her tired leg kick on the stairs, and I hurried and grabbed my camera.

I was spotted in the act, and I expected her to get mad, but instead she just started posing.
Then she started her strange little dance back up. She has added a disturbing element to this routine--she now also simultaneously grabs her belly button. Looks pretty talented to me.

We started sitting Finley on the toilet occasionally, and she has even gone #2 a couple of times. She is so proud!
We haven't gotten serious about training her yet, because, let's face it--I still have severe trauma and very realistic flashbacks from the horror of potty training Sareny several years ago--an exciting adventure that took over a year to complete. Once we get into our new house, I think we'll start potty training our baby girl.


lexi said...

i cant believe fin goes on the potty... what a biggie girl. that tired leg kick is so weird. but cute that she started posing for some pictures.

holli jo said...

Finney is so cute! I think the tired leg kick is funny. Rhys does the tired hair pull (my hair or his). And Rhys potties on the toilet several times per day, but I'm still not training him until he recognizes he needs to go. I'm not looking forward to it.

Cute pics!

Kandice and Rob said...

#1 Her hair is getting long!
#2 Is that a Pink Floyd shirt? Awesome!

Jolynn said...

Cute little Finney with her tired leg kick! I've seen her do that in some very weird places, and I think the stairs is pretty awesome. I can't believe she goes on the potty. I think we all remember the horror of Sareny's potty training experience.........what a nightmare. Hopefully Fin will be lots easier.

cassidy said...

The tired leg kick thing is indeed weird, but I think it's so funny that she started posing as soon as she saw the camera!