Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Long, long ago, on Judea's plains, Sareny's kindergarten had a spring concert and awards ceremony. She got all dressed up for the event, and we even straightened her hair.

They were very cute, and most of the songs seemed to have actions with them.
Then Mrs. Jones gave each kid awards. Sareny got an award for being the school and district poetry winner, for reading more than 25 books, and for being "spic and span." Dr. Lopeman, the principal, handed out the awards.
Keith was able to leave work to come and see her sing and get her awards. We were very proud of our kindergartner!


lexi said...

i love sareny's dress! its very cute. i wish i could have seen the concert, it sounds like it would be fun to see all the kids singing.

cassidy said...

Very cute dress and very cute hair! It looks like a cute concert. Congrats to Sareny on her awards!

Myrna Foster said...

LOL! I don't think any of my kids would win an award for being "spic and span," but I wouldn't either! Sareny looks adorable, Hil.

debra g said...

I almost got that same exact dress for Grace. Too cute! And I'm glad you finally updated.