Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A little stinker

You just do not let this girl get ahold of a pen, pencil, or crayon, but a marker is the absolute worst.

I can't tell you how many times we've had to clean little scribbles off the walls, appliances, cabinets, furniture, windows, and chubby little legs. Sareny and Isaac both tried coloring on the wall once or twice, but quickly learned better. Not Finley. She just figures if you are foolish enough to leave a writing implement within her reach, then you deserve what's coming to you. Her awesome body art did not wash off for days, and we had to go to swimming lessons with her legs like that.

Any guesses where this marker ended up??


lexi said...

i like those little chubby legs! but how could you ever get mad at fin... you couldn't. she is such a cutie bum! oh and maybe you should stop being foolish.

holli jo said...

Ha ha! She's so cute! Rhys only did that one time. I fell asleep while he was coloring with crayons, and he had a good time coloring on the furniture and walls. But I buy washable crayons, and markers are banned!

I can't believe she keeps doing it and doing it.

Jolynn said...

Poor ol Fin going out in public with marker legs. If she wasn't so dang cute you'd have to beat her little bottom. But as Lexi says, how could you get mad at Finney??