Thursday, June 17, 2010

Keel Family Reunion

It has been a while since we've made it to the Keel reunion, and it was really nice to go this year. It was held at some cabins at Bryce Canyon, and we had a nice time visiting with family, riding the Ranger, and eating yummy food.
Isaac had fun with cousin Joshie.
Lexi and Bampa entertained the kids.
I quite love this picture. Doozie is the best Tia ever! (well, except for Holli Jo, and Cass, and Lizzie, and Keith's sisters.)
There was a pretty cool natural history type museum that the group went to. Unfortunately, Keith didn't feel well the whole weekend, so he stayed home with Finley and took a nap while I took Sareny and Isaac to the museum.
Go, Cougars!!
Grammy and Bampa helped out with the kids.
So did Lexi. In fact, she was narrating the prairie dog scene for a bunch of the kids, and pointed out these two and said, "Oh look, those two are kissing!"
Then she drew the kids attention to these two and said "And look, those two are...oh..."
It was pretty hilarious, and we all laughed. And wondered why they displayed the animals like this. Showing Isaac some shells.
I wanted a cute picture of Sareny and Isaac, but Sareny hopped onto his lap, and this is what we got.
Me with the kids.
My cute mom and dad.
The fattest beaver I have ever seen. So big its a little scary.
Then we went outside to hand-feed the deer.
It was all fun and games until someone (Isaac) lost part of his hand. Actually, he just got bit, but it was pretty tragic. I was surprised when I was able to persuade him to try feeding them again.
Back at the cabins, Finley gives her Grammy Jo some good snuggles.
A huge highlight of this trip, at least for the kids, was having lottsa Ranger rides. As soon as we get around Bampa, the kids start asking for Ranger rides, and lucky for them, Bampa likes to take them on rides. Here is Finney with both grandparents. I think of all my kids, she is the only one who, as a baby/toddler, might be into their Grammy Jo just a smidgen more than Bampa. The other kids have just been all about Bampa!


cassidy said...

I SO wish we could have been there for the reunion. It looks like everyone had lots of fun. Tia Lexie really is such a fun Tia. But those prairie dogs.....pervs.

lexi said...

i just laughed out loud about those prairie dogs. this was such a fun trip though and i am totally the fav tia! i wish holl jo and cass were there though.

Jolynn said...

I can't believe you beat me with this post. I am still posting mine, and we probably have all the same pictures. That was a fun reunion though, and I'm so glad you guys came. It's so much funner when my kiddos are there. Finney does love-o her Grammy Jo!

Jolynn said...

I just realized "funner" is not a word, but I like it, so it is staying!

Vicki said...

Hey, we were just up at Bryce Canyon too, now I wished we would have gone to the museum (especially after seeing pictures of some of the displays)

debra g said...

Your family is always doing fun stuff!!!

I am going to laugh myself to sleep tonight thinking about those prairie dogs.