Sunday, June 3, 2012

Adult Prom

Our stake is part of a tri-stake prom for the youth and since they put on such a good production, they hold an adult prom night the Friday before the youth dance. This year we finally decided to check it out, and had a great time. It was held on April 21st and was just over a week before I was scheduled to be induced to have a baby girl. We went with a bunch of people from our ward and ate at Arriba's Mexican Grill. Which I don't think I'll ever be able to eat again, since I ate too much that night and ended up getting really sick and puking in the middle of the night. No fun.

We had a really huge group, and met up with even more people at the church that we knew. The decorations were really cute, and they even decorated the outside entryway to the building. It hardly even looks like a church.

This is probably the silliest picture I have ever seen. I think I was standing kind of crouched down so as not to appear taller than Keith, and the result was that my belly poked WAY out. Everyone I have shown this picture to has burst out laughing. Honestly, while I felt this big, it was really only the strange angle that made me look this big. But go ahead, have a good laugh.
We really had a great time just seeing people and hanging out with friends, because let's face it--we didn't actually dance. And that was just fine by me. I mostly just wanted to get out and be social!


Jolynn said...

Ha ha. That picture is pretty darn hilarious. You will learn to stand up tall and be proud, even if you are taller than Keith!!! But really, I can't quit laughing, but I think it looks worse on my computer because my monitor is long and distorts everything anyway. That prom sounds super fun. Maybe we will have to come down some year and crash it.

cassidy said...

I don't see it...the belly looks normal to me. Maybe my computer screen squishes everything to make it look small.

Anyways, that looks super fun. But too bad about the puke incident. Poor Hilli.

lexi said...

the belly picture haha! im kind of sad that i missed the adult prom for graduation. because now we aren't in the same stake and i wont be invited!