Friday, June 8, 2012

Coming Home

I bought this little newborn outfit for Keeley to wear home from the hospital, and my friend Bridgette made the cute bow and headband. I wanted to get a sweet little picture of my new baby girl all dressed up, but she was not cooperating. I got this instead.
Almost the instant she was born, she scratched her right cheek pretty bad, and that is visible in the pictures. We went home on Tuesday May 1st, the day after she was born. Usually I like to stay in the hospital as long as possible eating food I didn't prepare, letting the nurses change some of the diapers, and having other people take over all my normal mom duties. But this time, we were just ready to go home. Unfortunately, we had to sit around waiting for more than an hour for the wheelchair to come pick us up, which is just silly since I was certainly more than capable of walking myself out of the hospital.
I was tempted to just walk out, but instead we sat around waiting...
So we took a few pictures.
Such a sweet little face!
We finally got home, and it was a relief to be there. Bampa and the kids had made some adorable "Welcome Home" signs, and Lexi and Grammy had taped them up to our door. It was so cute! A couple days later, I took some more pictures of Keeley when she was sleeping in the pack and play.
She was so tiny and so cute. She did this tiny little sleepy smile. Those are the sweetest, and I always wonder what they are dreaming about.
My baby girl, four days old.


cassidy said...

Such cute pics! I love her little going home outfit. And you look so good in the photos of you and Keeley! And those sleeping pics are so sweet.

lexi said...

i love her coming home outfit! and i cant believe you didn't want to stay at the hospital as long as possible!