Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Keeley's Firsts

First Visitors
After Sareny got home from school, Bampa brought the kids to come and meet their new baby sister.
This was Sareny's first glimpse of her.
Finley is a really sweet big sister.
Isaac likes holding the baby too.
Apparently the above photo is the only pictographic evidence that Grammy Jo was in fact present. :( We did get a picture of Bampa holding his newest granddaughter.
And the next day John, who was in Arizona visiting his mom and dad who were unfortunately both in the hospital at the same time, came by to see her for a couple of hours before he had to head back to Chicago.
First Kisses
It was pretty much love at first sight.
First Footprints
First Bath
Any guesses how much she loved that experience? Not at all.
The nurse held her up for me to take a bum picture, which I hadn't been planning on taking, but apparently this is an important photo opp...
A nice amount of hair on the back of her head. Not so much on the top.
She pretty much cried throughout the entire experience.
First Time Wearing Clothes


scipiosal said...

Great pictures of a beautiful baby! Thanks for sharing.

Jolynn said...

Cute pics. I love her in her little purple and green outfit. Adorable! And her cute little soapy bum pic. But I see how important I am.......... I hope someone took a picture of me and Keeley with my camera. Keith is in deep crap.

lexi said...

what about the first time you went potty in the toilet after having baby girl! she is so very cute. and those giant shoes in the last pic make me laugh.

holli jo said...

Cute pics! I especially like the one where "Isaac likes holding the baby, too." is illustrated by a blank stare from Isaac. Ha! Cute piccies of a cute baby.