Monday, June 11, 2012


Isaac had two loose teeth on the bottom for quite a while, but they just weren't going anywhere. Isaac knew that I had made Sareny a special pillow to put her teeth in. About a month before it finally came out, Keith asked Isaac if his tooth was ready to come out, and Isaac said, "Not yet, mommy hasn't made me a tooth pillow yet." I went home and started working on it that day! 
Then Keith noticed that Isaac's new teeth were growing up behind the baby teeth, so we worked hard to get them out of there. Friday, May 11th, he lost his first tooth and the tooth fairy came for a visit. The second tooth came out the next day, so the tooth fairy came again. She was busy, and we can't believe that Isaac is such a big boy!


lexi said...

igits is a biggie boy! and he was so excited when he lost his teeth. he still comes up to me and says stuff about it.

Jolynn said...

Good thing you got those toofies out! You don't want to mess up his teeth and have to get braces. But I thought you would show a photo of his tooth pillow. I assume you got it done in the nick of time!