Monday, June 4, 2012

Build a Bear

The kids got giftcards to build-a-bear for Valentine's day and we took them to make their bears on April 22nd before we had a new baby to deal with. After picking out their bears, which was no small feat, they each had to help fill their bear and go through a whole routine with their bear's hearts.
They took this job very seriously.
Finley was so cute making sure to push all the buttons when they told her to.
Then she had to rub the heart on her knee.
After getting filled, the bears were on to the tub.
Finley picked out this cute little bunny, which she named Rainbow. She and Isaac had been wanting to name the new baby Rainbow but since I knew that wasn't going to happen, I suggested it for her bunny. She was hugging her new bunny so tight, it was very sweet.
Isaac picked out this monkey that he dressed in a navy outfit. He named him IJ Isaac.
I don't have a picture of just Sareny with her bear, but she is the only one who got an actual bear. She picked out this cheerleader outfit and named her bear Odystelly. They were so adorable with their bears.
Then they put their new bears into their boxes and proudly carried them home with them. We had such a fun outing!

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lexi said...

the kids were so excited to show me their build-a-bears! and i love the names they chose!