Sunday, June 10, 2012

School Events

Isaac had an end of the year preschool party with a inflatable water slide, and the kids had so much fun. Siblings were invited too, so Finley got to join in. She needed a little bit of help her first time up the ladder.
Going up.
Coming Down.
Isaac going up.
Isaac coming down.
Sareny had a spring concert the second to last week of school. The concert featured patriotic songs, and her grade was assigned to wear navy blue. Sareny was glad that all of us, including Lexi, came to see her perform.
Before the concert.
Singing Do Re Mi.
Sareny got to be a "boomwacker." She was actually listed that way in the program. Those things the kids are holding in their hands make different musical notes. Sareny wacked hers together on the "ti." I thought it was pretty cool.
After the concert. She did a great job!


lexi said...

my facial expression in the pic of me helping fin up the slide is crazy. the kids had fun at the party though. and sareny was the best second grader and boomwacker in the concert.

Jolynn said...

Well now I am going to have to go back and look at Lexi's facial expression, cuz I didn't notice it. That pre-school party looks like a blast, and good that Finney got to go too. I wish we could have been there for Sareny's concert! How cool to get to be a boomwacker! I'm sure she was thrilled with getting to do that!