Tuesday, June 12, 2012

fashion show

We decided to try again to get a picture of Keeley in her "going home" outfit before she outgrew it, since it was newborn and she is growing fast! She was a much more cooperative model in this photo shoot.
Everybody comments that she looks a lot like her daddy, and I am certainly inclined to believe them. She looks just like her siblings, too.
She looked so adorable in this little tie-die outfit that I got for my shower.
One minute sleeping peacefully.
Wide awake seconds later.
What a sweet little girl!


debra g said...

I love her!!! I need to come visit you. Soon!!!!

Melanie said...

Hi Hillari! Just getting a first glimpse at baby Keeley today! She is adorable!! Congratulations!! Just reading through some of your past posts -- Congrats on Sareny's baptism, Aidan turned 8 in March too and got baptized too! What a FUN trip to Hawaii you and Keith got to take! Awesome!! Your kids are all such cuties -- I'm sure they are loving their baby sister to pieces! Glad you've got your sister there to help! LOVE the pictures where you were able to capture her smiling -- I'm sure I don't have any pictures of my kids smiling before 6 weeks! She's a doll! Enjoy! Lots of love, Melanie

cassidy said...

How cute. Those are super cute outfits. I agree, you have to have babies wear their cute newborn stuff a lot, since they grow so quickly! Glad you got some more pics in her going home outfit!

lexi said...

baby keeley is so very cute! and so are my arms and legs in the pics :)

Jolynn said...

Adorable pictures! She just looks so precious. I loved her going home outfit, and it is sad that she is already getting too big for it. Oh well....... my baby's beautiful!