Sunday, February 3, 2013

Awesome-est New Year Ever!

So I'm not kidding. This pretty much was the most awesome New Year's party ever. We started the celebration off with a late morning tea pearty. Everybody got dressed up in Grammy Jo's finest.
Finley showed us proper pinky etiquette.
Sareny showed us the new camera she got for Christmas.
Later we went outside to play a few rounds of corn hole.
Me, Keith, and baby KeeKee.
Keeley looked pretty cute in Sareny's old Disneyland sweatshirt.

Happy smiley girl!
Lexi did Finley's hair in a bow made of hair, which you can see in the picture below.
Despite how cold it was, Sareny was definitely up for playing the beautiful game. She loved it!
The rest of us were cold and snuggled up as best as we could.
And then we convinced Bampa to start us a fire.
A group photo around the fire, minus Keith the photographer.
 Shortly after the above photo, Finley fell asleep on the couch and missed out on the rest of the activities. We had bought a couple boxes of sparklers at the store, and we all had fun with those.
I love my adorable boy!
Grammy and Bamps. Also, Grammy Jo saves these New Years hats and brings them out every year, so we all had to wear them.
Me and Keith bringing in the New Year.
Lexi and the kids in front of the giant Santa.
Shortly after we got in, this little baby decided it was time to wake up and party. At this point, it was pretty close to midnight, so I decided she might as well ring in the New Year with us.
We had talked about celebrating New York style New Year (a couple hours early) but somehow ended up celebrating at midnight. The kids had tons of fun!
And the last picture of 2012! Me, my baby, and my mom. It doesn't get any better than that!
The next day we drove back to Phoenix. Poor Finley asked if we had any more sprinklers, which I finally figured out she meant sparklers. But rudely, we didn't save her any. :( We stopped at three stores on the way home to try and buy another box, but nobody had any sprinklers left. We'll have to stock up next fourth of July!

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