Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Cookies

We love making sugar cookies for each holiday, and the first Sunday in February, we made some delicous heart cookies for Valentine's.
Keeley didn't actually make or eat any, but she did want to see what everybody else was doing.
The kids were all so sweet and each gave me a cookie they made just for me. Unfortunately, they were all extra nice and gave me their special plate sized cookie and yeah, I ate them. :( And they were delicious.
It was a fun activity, even if it meant I swept sprinkles up off the kitchen floor for a week. :)
After we finished the cookies, we headed over to our old neighborhood a half hour away to attend the monthly ice cream social. We've been going most months since we moved two and a half years ago, and it's been fun to stay in touch with some of our old friends that way. Strangely, we didn't go nearly as often before we moved. My favorite part about going is exchanging books with my friend Jennifer, who is the host of the ice cream social. We both are mainly into young adult fiction, though we do occasionally branch out to other genres. It has been fun to swap books each month and briefly discuss which ones we enjoyed and why.

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