Friday, February 15, 2013

January in Review

If I posted a single photo to represent our month of January, the above photo would be it. Everybody in the house has been so sick, and as soon as they get better, they have about a week before they come down with something else. From Christmas break through the end of January, we went to the doctor 9 times. I am not exaggerating. We had everything from pink eye, strep throat, ear infections, upper respiratory infections, sinus infections, the flu, and colds. This was, for me at least, quite possibly the worst month of my entire life. We couldn't go anywhere or do much of anything. Even things as simple as a trip to Costco kept getting postponed until "everybody feels better," which I was beginning to feel like that day would never come. We ran out of nearly everything, including butter, which I don't think I have ever allowed to happen before. Sareny and Isaac missed a full week of school, and Finley missed 4 days of preschool. The week it hit me, Keith worked a total of half a day, and spent the week taking over things I normally do so I could try to rest and get better. It was a hideous month, one that I hope never to duplicate again!! Despite her smile, Finley didn't feel good on this day either and stayed home from preschool.
We are currently halfway through February and are still dealing with some sickness, but seem to be past the worst of it. We better be!

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