Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Field Trip

Isaac's class went on a field trip to a puppet theater to see Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type. There was no way I could chaperone because I have a nursing baby, but I hoped that Keith would be able to take the day off of work and I signed him up to chaperone. Then I found out he couldn't take the day off of work, and that we got picked to chaperone. Luckily, Lexi was able to fill in for us and went on Isaac's field trip with him. She got to ride the bus, and was in charge of Isaac, Kosten, and Jack
When I asked Isaac what they did for his field trip, he said they saw "a not very cool play." Which is just silly, since it sounded pretty cool and Lexi said it was. But he was really happy to have his tia with him. After the play they had lunch at a park.
On Isaac's first field trip to a farm I packed him a donut as a special treat, which his chaperone promptly confiscated since it wasn't healthy! I couldn't believe that rule needed to be enforced on a field trip. I didn't pack him any treats this time around, but Lexi said she could hear kids all around saying, "I ate my cookie first!" or "I have a cookie!" and the chaperones weren't snatching anyone's food away from them.
The other two boys in their group both have long hair, and the one on the left told Lexi people are always asking if he is a girl.
I think Isaac was a bit cold!
Isaac and his tia.
Then the kids played at the playground for a while before heading back to the school.
So glad Lexi could fill in for us! What's rather ironic is that on this day, I was home with an upper respiratory infection, a sinus infection, and strep throat, so Keith took the day off after all so he could stay home and take care of the rest of the kids and I could rest.

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