Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Black Bath

Isaac got some color tablets in his stocking at Christmas that you put in the bathtub to turn the water blue, red, or yellow. As an aside here, I personally feel that blue is the only acceptable color--who really wants to take a red or yellow bath?? That's just kind of ew. Even more frightening, however, is a black bath.
 This is what results when your older sister leaves your container of bath colors in the tub with the lid partially screwed on and your mom doesn't notice until the water has completely saturated all of the tablets...
At that point, we decided to just dump the whole thing into the tub for one glorious, color-filled bath.
I don't actually think I could have made myself get into that water if you paid me, but Isaac was willing and actually bathed in that before school one day. Kind of crazy.

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Jolynn said...

Oh my word! That is just kinda creepy. But kinda cool at the same time.........And it didn't leave a black redidue on his skin? It just seems like it would. I say he was brave to climb into that hideous water.