Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chef Isaac

 When it was Isaac's turn to cook, he of course selected Orange Chicken. He used the big knife to cut some of the chicken before turning the task over to me.
 Again though, I am surprised at their willingness to touch raw chicken.
Me and my boy had fun together in the kitchen! I told Isaac he needed to wear an apron, and he put this football jersey on over his clothes. Backwards.
 Isaac showing us a crucial ingredient--garlic.
I love this picture! Isaac showing us how to press out the garlic. You can tell that he is trying really hard! His orange chicken turned out really good. Isaac loves helping in the kitchen. Every day when it's time to make dinner, he asks me who's turn it is to help. So he has ended up helping me make several dinners, just because he was around when it was time to prep it, and it has seriously amazed me how much more he likes the dinner when he helped prepare it.

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