Monday, February 18, 2013

My Sweet KeeKee

My Keeley girl is such a sweetie! I just love her cute little face.
She is into absolutely everything these days, which is why you can see that the garbage can is now housed on top of the counter--otherwise she finds tasty morsels in there to snack on.
I was particularly sad last week when she made the discovery that she can open the kitchen cupboards; that just opens up a whole new world of diasters for her to create. In addition to the daily flinging about of tupperware, cups and small kitchen appliances, today alone she dumped a bag of Rice Krispies all over the floor and pulled out a loaf of bread, dumped that all over the floor, and proceeded to eat it and crumble it into pieces.
She is walking all over the place and can take about 12 to 15 steps before falling, change directions midstride, and balance in the middle of the room for a while. I'm not sure why she thinks she is such a biggie girl, since she is only 9 months and has been doing these skills for more than a month now.

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Jolynn said...

Okay, I finally got a chance to look at your blog. Wow, you have been busy! I am going to just do this one comment, cuz I am short on time. But that Kee Kee is getting so darn cute!I can't believe she is walking. But I CAN believe she is getting into everything. The cookie making looks totes fun and delish; the sickies post made me feel so bad for all of you! You just needed Grammy Jo; Sareny's photo shoot with Keeley was adorable; Isaac's field trip looked super cool, and I was so happy Lexi Lou could be his chaperone. But really, what right does a chaperone have to take away his donut!!! And finally, the cheerleaders, Sare and Fin. They looked so cute! I wish we could have seen their performance. Maybe next year we'll be able to. Love all your posts!