Monday, February 11, 2013

Cheer Girls

In January, our local high school had another cheer camp, and Sareny and Finley were so excited to participate. The girls got to cheer and dance at halftime of the varsity boy's basketball game.
 I was home sick on the couch, so Keith took the girls to the practices.
 Finley's friends Sydney and Alora were there again, and Sareny's friend Amelie came this time too.
They had so much fun getting ready for their performance!
 They both learned two cheers and one dance.
The groups were a lot smaller this time, which meant we would have a much better view of the girls!
Here they are in the gym, all ready for their performance. If we're being honest here, I will just have to admit that me and the girls were doped up on advil, because none of us felt very well. But they had been looking forward to this for so long and really wanted to go, so we pushed through. Plus when you have a houseful of sick people for over a month, sometimes you just have to fake it and get out of the house.
They were so cute!
While were taking pictures in the lobby, Amelie and her family showed up, so I took a picture of the BFF's.
I once again fixed the girls shirts so they wouldn't drown in them, and Sareny wore the cheer skirt I made for her for Halloween.
Here we are, waiting for the show to begin!
Lexi and Scott came to support them as well.
Cute little KeeKee!
As I mentioned earlier, there weren't nearly as many girls this time around, and we were a lot closer to them since we were in the gym, so we had a good view of the girls. They had them divided by age, and Sareny's group came out second.
They danced to the Jonas Brother's Burnin' Up, and it was really cute.
Sareny told us later that when she realized that everyone would be able to see her a lot better this time, she was a little nervous. She said it was a lot scarier than dancing at the football game.
We were all a little bit puzzled by her extremely low kicks. I really was thinking, surely she can kick higher than that! Later, I figured out that she didn't wear her bloomers or any shorts under that skirt, so she did low kicks so nobody would see her underwear. This after I had mentioned to her that she needed to wear her bloomers!
Finley's group was the last to perform, and they were just so cute!
They danced to the song by One Direction You Don't Know You're Beautiful.
It really was funny and cute watching Finley perform. She was usually about 2 beats behind in the song--she would see the cheerleaders do a move, and she would do that move as they were moving on to the next thing. It was adorable.
It really was fun watching my girls shine!
Sareny and Amelie after the game.
Afterwards, we went home to have dessert and a glow in the dark party. We had some glow in the dark bubbles that were supposed to be really cool, but were rather disappointing and didn't really work. They glowed in the sword they were in, which we named the sword of truth, but didn't glow when you blew them. We also wore glow bracelets, turned out the lights, and played hide and seek. It was a pretty fun evening, and after many round of hide and seek, I finally called it quits since I just really wanted to be in my bed! I heart these girls!

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One! We are the Pirates. Two! A loopin' ladder! Three...Looks like they had fun. :)