Monday, May 28, 2012

Aloha Festival

Just a few weeks after we got back from Hawaii, Tempe was having their annual Aloha Festival, and we finally decided to check it out. Our good friends the Gardner's perform here every year, and I always have wanted to go. Onstage above are Hallie and Hannah. They all did so great! We are planning to join Auntie Claire's group next year--I think the girls would love it!
After enjoying some kalua pig and shave ice, we headed over to the kid's area to make some flower lei's.
Sareny and Finley had fun making them. Isaac didn't want to make one, and I was okay with that. Here they are looking rather cute in their lei's, or in Isaac's case, their Pat's Run finery. Speaking of Pat's Run, I hope you're all gearing up for next year, because it is on!


cassidy said...

How fun! The flower lei's are cute. That would be fun to be in a hula group! Sounds like a fun way to reminisce about your Hawaii trip!

Jolynn said...

Well, how we have never been to the Aloha Festival I do not know! Sounds like we'll have to make it next year. I love their leis they made. And I am kinda glad Isaac was smart enough not to make one!!!

lexi said...

aloha! i had fun running into you guys at the festival! and eating kalua pig with you in the grass. even though you crashed my date! jk it was already crashed by rhonda haha.