Sunday, May 27, 2012

Peered Ears

Sareny has wanted "peered ears" for a long time, but she has always been too scared to actually get them pierced. Probably because I have regaled the kids on several occasions with the horror story of getting my ears pierced when I was five. It was so tramatic, I still remember every detail. 
She finally decided she was ready to get them pierced, so we headed to the mall one Friday evening in late February. She was pretty nervous, but everytime I went to take her picture, she would put on a huge grin like she didn't have a care in the world. 
As I have been known to do occassionally, I left my wallet home so we were fortunate that Lexi was there to pick up the tab. Right before it was time, Sareny said she changed her mind and tried to back out of getting her ears pierced. Lexi said, "I just paid for somebody to get there ears pierced, and since I already have mine piereced, that somebody is going to be you." I had told her before we left our house that if we were driving that far, there would be no changing her mind once we got there, so we made her go through with it.
I love this picture. (Am I a horrible person?) The look on Sareny's face is one of pure terror.
Right after getting them pierced. She was pleasantly surprised that it didn't hurt at all, at least according to her. (I know I have a low pain tolerance level, but come on! I remember it hurting pretty darn bad.)
She was so proud of her new earrings and how brave she was.


shauntel said...

She looks like she's going to be sick in that picture, but very beautiful in the rest of them.

cassidy said...

I agree, I think Sareny looks like she's about to throw up in that photo! It makes me feel kinda sad for her, but I'm glad she made it through and isn't scarred the way you apparently are!

Jolynn said...

Well I don't know how Sare could say it didn't hurt! I thought it hurt like heck. I was almost as bad as Hill. Poor Sareny does look pretty scared in that picture, but I think she is none the worse for wear and we know she love-o's her peered ears.

lexi said...

she was so proud of herself for not crying! im glad she finally got peered ears. notice it was fashion friday and i curled sareny's hair and sprayed black streaks. then look at my hair :(