Tuesday, May 29, 2012

They Say It's Your Birthday!

At least it was a month and a half ago! Sareny's birthday fell on "Fashion Friday," which means Lexi does her hair and/or nails all fancy. On this day, Sareny even got to wear makeup. She also had picked out the special birthday badge that she wore all day, which if you look closely, it says, "Kiss me, it's my birthday." I tried to talk her into getting the one that said something about a special birthday, since she did turn eight and all, but she insisted on that one. We're not sure who exactly she wanted to kiss her, but she must have been sending a message to someone. Grammy and Bampa came down that evening, because Sareny was getting baptized the next morning. We got some cupcakes and sang to her.
You can tell from that huge grin on her face that this is a girl who likes being the center of attention. This was her special day!
A couple of weeks later we celebrated with a friend's party. Lexi and I made a strawberry cake and Sareny invited four friends over. We had lasagna and breadsticks, cake and ice cream, and then I loaded the girls up and took them to a nail salon where they each got a pedicure and their nails painted. The girls had so much fun being pampered!
The girls: Sammie, Emily D., Sareny, Emily J., and Bobbie Jo.
What a milestone birthday for Sareny! We are so proud of the smart, kind, beautiful young lady she is growing into.


Jolynn said...

I can hardly keep up with your posts! You are doing an awesome job getting caught up. I want to come up there for Fashion Friday and have Lexi do my nails, makeup and hair. Sareny is definitely our little diva. Remember "When are you going to hold me Grammy Jo?" Gotta LOVE her!

lexi said...

i wish someone would do my hair and make up for fashion friday! but i just do sareny's hair every time! sar ag had a great birthday though. and she loved her fancy nails.