Thursday, May 31, 2012


We had a really nice Easter this year. The kids got to inspect their baskets in the morning before we headed out to church. The Easter bunny gave each of them an adorable outfit, along with some candy. Since we have to leave our house at 8:00 to get to our building for 8:30 church, the Easter egg hunt had to wait until we got back, but the kids were certainly scoping out the hidden eggs before we left.
I like to take a picture of the kids on Easter Sunday, but the above picture wasn't so fabulous. We tried again when we got home, but the results weren't much better.
And then the hunt was on.
In addition to the regular eggs, they each got to find two special golden eggs that had a dollar in it.
There were quite a few eggs hidden!
Then we colored Easter eggs.
Everybody had lots of fun making their eggs special.
Lexi, of course, made some eggs as well before she had to head of to her late church.
Cute kids!


cassidy said...

Cute Easter outfits! The egg hunt sounds pretty fun, what with the golden eggs and all. And did you really dye all of those eggs on your table? I guess since your kids like hard boiled eggs that would be fun to do that many. None of us really eat hard boiled eggs.

Jolynn said...

What a cute post. I like the pic of the kids in their Easter Finery! Fin has her arms around her brother and sister, and I think that makes it cute. That is a lot of eggs, but there are a lot of peeps in your hourse to eat them too.

lexi said...

i had fun hunting eggs and coloring eggs with the kiddies. even though i got in troubs for finding an egg!