Monday, May 14, 2012

President's Day at the Ostrich Ranch

For president's day this year, we headed south almost to Tuscon to check out the Ostrich Ranch. It was a strange but fun place to visit. They had several types of animals to hand feed. The kids were a little nervous about putting their hands right up to a hungry animal.
Sometimes they needed a little convincing...
Or a lot of convincing...
I think their favorite was this contraption--you put the food in a little cup and then turn a crank to lift the food up to the goats in the penthouse.
They weren't too crazy about the Hole in the Wall Gang...
And if we're being honest here, I'll admit I didn't want to get my hands too close to the ostriches--they bite! We kind of just tossed the food their way.
But everybody loved the Monster Truck tour of the ranch. It was fun, we were really high up, and we learned some interesting things about ostriches and cacti as well.
We got to see the 3 amigos.
And we went "ostrich fishing." We stuck grapefruit quarters on a long screw and then fed them to the ostriches. It was pretty cool--you could see the huge lump of fruit as it was being swallowed down their throats.
Sareny was very serious about her fishing and was the last one in the group to finish up.
After our tour, I had the kids pose by the truck we were in so you can see how huge it was!
Then we went to feed nectar to the little birds.
If you were patient and still, the birds would climb on your arm.
Unfortunately, this startled Sareny and Isaac, who immediately dropped their nectar all over the ground the second a bird came near them. I had to go buy more nectar, but the lady ended up giving it to me for free when I told her the kids had dropped theirs. So we tried again, and this time they caught on.
We spent quite a while with the birds.
Other than the monster truck ride, this was the kids' favorite part.
The last thing we did was feed these ducks. The kids really did not want to feed them for some reason, but we had just bought the feed, so we made them, by golly!
Well, they did not like it, not one little bit. So I took the feed to do it myself. That's when I discovered that it did kind of hurt a little!
Anyway, we had such a fun adventure!


cassidy said...

That looks like a cool place! So many different animals to feed. I like the pic of the kids posing in front of the monster truck. Tru would have loved to ride in that!

Jolynn said...

That totally looks like a fun place! I think it's funny that you discovered that it actually hurt to feed the ducks! HAHA. Cute pictures of the kids. How did you even know about this place?

holli jo said...

That looks so fun! And I love the pics of Isaac not enjoying himself. Ha ha.

lexi said...

love all the pictures of the kids being forced to feed the animals! they are funny. i like feeding animals, and feeding the birds looks like it would be fun.