Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hawaii, day three

For our third day in Hawaii, we went with Cass and Tru to Ko'Olina to enjoy the beach. This was a beautiful little lagoon with hardly any waves. The new Disney resort is built on this beach, the sand is groomed every day, it is very family friendly. This beach was absolute perfection and clearly manmade, but who cares! I was totally shocked at how not crowded the beach was--guess most tourists just hang out at Waikiki. We were so lucky to have the Larsen's willing to show us around, or we would have been stuck there as well.

If Pearl Harbor made me glad not to have the kids around, Ko'Olina made me miss them a little, as I knew they would have loved this beach. We had such a fun relaxing time in the water, we started planning our next big vacation right there. After playing on the beach for a while, we visited one of the nearby resorts to check out their outdoor aquariums and also to use the little wahine room.

One of the pools had hammerhead sharks swimming around. They were fun, but a little creepy to watch.

I waited for one of the sharks to put it's fin up out of the water for the classic shark pose. The grounds here were really cool.

Truman posed really cute with a starfish in the background.

As we were leaving, we saw a TV crew filming and we all tried to figure out who the blond woman was. It took me a moment, but I got it. Do you recognize this person?
If you guessed Kelly Ripa, you would be right. They were filming her morning show from the Disney resort. Anyway, we had such a great time at this fun beach.


cassidy said...

I love Ko Olina!! It's one of my favorite beaches here, so I'm always glad when other people like it too! That was such a fun day. And that's a good shot of Kelly Ripa you got! It's like she's looking right at your camera...

Jolynn said...

I have to admit that Ko Olina is probably my favorite beach too! I really love how it is not crowded and is so beautiful. And I love the calm water. Kelly was almost looking a little snotty though. Fun that you saw her!

lexi said...

ko olina is a lot of fun. i love that beach too! the shark pool is cool to see. i think it would be fun to stay at the disney resort there, but probs way too expensive!