Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sareny's Special Day

Sareny got baptized the day after she turned eight, on March 24th. What an absolutely perfect day! She looked so beautiful and wore the same dress that I wore when I got baptized, which Grammy Jo made. I sometimes stress over the details of events, but I truly felt like this day could not have been better. Most of our family was unable to attend, but we had so many good friends that came that the room was filled.
We all look a little crazy in this picture because the sun was so bright in our eyes! All of the family that came got to participate--Lexi led the music, Bampa gave the opening prayer, Grammy Jo gave the talk on the Holy Ghost, and Bampa was also one of the witnesses. Sareny shared her special day with her good friend Sammie, and the witnesses were definitely needed for her baptism, since Sammie had to be dunked three times to get it right.
Both girls looked so pretty in their white dresses, and they were so excited for this day. One thing Sareny had been very concerned with was that she wanted to be baptized first, because she is older. (Sammie turned eight on the 24th.) We all thought this was a bit ridiculous, but it worked out that she got her wish. My dear friend Debra G came and played the piano, and the music was lovely. I got to pick the songs for the program, and we sang "When Jesus Christ was Baptized," and "Baptism," which starts out, "Jesus came to John, the baptist..." Those are two of my favorite songs and they really brought the spirit to the meeting. Sareny's friend Grace gave her these beautiful flowers.
Grandma Nancy was sad to miss this special event, and she sent this gorgeous dress that Sareny wore after she was baptized.
Me with my baby girl. Is my baby girl really this grown up??
A couple more photos of Sareny, because she just looked so beautiful in her white dress.
Our family. How I love these guys!
After the baptism, we had a luncheon at our house. We had so much food, and it was very delicious and fun to share it with some friends and family. On the menu: pulled pork sandwiches, fruit tray with dip, veggie tray with dip, chips and homemade salsa, and rootbeer floats. (I remember having rootbeer floats after my baptism, so I thought that would be fun to have them at our children's as well.) I am so glad that Sareny's special day was so wonderful. The next day Sareny said, "I wish I could get baptized again, because that was so fun!" So typical. :)


holli jo said...

Yay for Sareny! Wish we could have been there. She looks very beautiful in her white dresses.

Jolynn said...

Didn't Bampa say on one of the prayers too? It seems like it. It really was a perfect day. I am very sentimental, so I thought it was lovely that you wanted to have her wear the dress you were baptized in. And the dress Grandma Nancy sent was gorgeous! It was a very special day.

hillari said...

I forgot about Bampa saying the prayer--thanks for the reminder! I added it in.

cassidy said...

Sareny looks so pretty in her white dresses. It sounds like a very happy day. That is totally typical of Sareny to want to do it all again!

lexi said...

so proud of my little sareny! she does look pretty in her white dresses. im so glad i got to be a part of the program and lead the music! sorry for laughing at you during that first song!