Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ice Cream Insects

In February, I got to go help Sareny's class with a fun project--making ants out of ice cream. It was such a cute, fun project that I bought the supplies to have Sareny teach the other kids how to make them.
Everybody was so proud of how their creations turned out. Also, if you're thinking sherbet ice cream with chocolate magic shell on top sounds well, not the greatest, I would agree with you. Isaac picked out the sherbet. I picked out the chocolaty-peanutbutter one.
Sareny with her bug.
And me!
It was fun letting Sareny teach the other kids something she had learned in school--she felt pretty special!


cassidy said...

Those are so cute! That's a pretty fun idea. Maybe I'll have to try that with Tru. Also, I like your new dining table and chairs. They look really good with your kitchen.

lexi said...

sareny was so excited to teach us how to make bugs. and they were yummy as long as you didn't go the sherbet route!

Jolynn said...

For some reason I am having trouble leaving a comment here. Hopefully this one will take. That was such a cute idea, and I'm sure the kids had a blast making them. (including Lexi Lou). And of course, little Miss Sareny was in her element teaching everyone how to make them!