Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our new roomie

As I mentioned in the previous post, Lexi moved in with us on January 26th. The kids have absolutely loved having her here! Her first Sunday here she made cookies with the kids after we got home from church. Her church starts so late, she still had to go to church after making the treats. 2:00 pm church stinks!


Jolynn said...

Lexi is such a good tia, I'm sure the kids are so happy she is there. Thanks for offering her your home while she transitions from a student to a teacher (we hope!)

cassidy said...

Lexi IS such a good tia, I agree! She is nice to always do fun things with her nieces and nephews. I can't believe she has 2:00 church! Super crappy.

lexi said...

yes, i do think church at 2 stinks! but it is fun to have time to see everyone before i go. and those cookies turned out quite tasty!