Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A day at the park

 One Friday when the kids had off of school we decided to go play at the park and feed the birds again, since Sareny usually isn't able to go with us. The kids were excited to each have their own full loaf of bread.

 Sareny had her friend Amelie over.
 They are in the same class at school this year.
 Finley ran away from the birds again. And yes, she got herself dressed.
 She is so silly!
 Cute Keeley started off the outing napping.
 My sweet Finley girl.
 The kids in front of the lake.
 I took a couple pictures of Sareny and Amelie together.

 Then baby Keeley woke up.
 She was so sweet and happy!

 When she started to get fussy, I put her in the baby swing and Isaac rushed right over to push her.
 Sad that I cut off his head, because this is such a cute and sweet picture!
 He loves his sissy so much and takes good care of her.
 A silly little smile!
 I pushed Finley in the swing for a while.
 This picture just looks a little bit frightening! But cool with the lake in the background.
 This one looks a lot safer!
 Finley wanted a turn pushing her sister in the swing also. What good kids I have!

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