Wednesday, January 23, 2013

temple lights

We went to see the temple lights one Friday night in December, and unforunately for us, I think we picked the coldest night of the year! It was freezing, and Sareny was sorry she only brought a light jacket instead of a coat. It was even drizzling a little as we left.
The lights were so beautiful. We had an extra baby blanket, and Finley grabbed it up!
I love this photo of our family in front of the temple.
A daddy and his baby girl.
And his Igits.
So beautiful!
There was a giant star over the nativity area.
Mommy and the kids.
After temple lights, we headed to Neilson's frozen custard for some food and, you guessed it, frozen custard. I guess even the freezing cold weather couldn't deter these kids from such a yummy treat!

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Jolynn said...

Wow, those lights really are beautiful. I love those cute little kiddos with their little red noses. I can't believe anyone wanted frozen custard after that!